Expunge Your Criminal Record and Help with Your Job Search

The employment picture in Rhode Island is still among the worst in the Country and for every available job there are several qualified candidates. I have spoken with a lot of people lately who have inquired about expunging their criminal record to help them in their job search. Most employers today conduct a background check which includes obtaining your criminal record from the Attorney General’s office. Even if you are very qualified for a job, an employer is unlikely to hire you if your background shows a criminal record.

Fortunately, if you were arrested and/or convicted only once in your life, Rhode Island allows you the chance to expunge your record. All evidence of your arrest will be removed and you can agree to a background check with confidence that it will not hurt your job prospects.

In order to qualify for an expungement in Rhode Island:

  • The crime must not have been an act of violence
  • 5 years must pass after the disposition of a misdemeanor
  • 10 years must pass after the disposition of a felony
  • You must not have any other arrests on your record

If you meet these qualifications, there is a very good chance that your record can be expunged and permanently removed. It is a very quick and affordable process. Often a Motion to Expunge will only cost a few hundred dollars in legal fees and court costs. The benefit gained far outweighs the costs.

If you made a mistake in your youth, would like to have your arrest permanently removed from your record, and meet the qualifications listed above, contact my office right away for a free consultation.