Feds Tell Massachusetts It is Not Doing Enough to Combat Drunk Driving

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is criticizing Massachusetts for not doing enough to curb “hardcore” drunk drivers. The term “hardcore” drunk driver is reserved for those who operate a car with a blood alcohol content of .15 or higher, or for those who have previous drunk driving arrests. So called hardcore drunk drivers are to blame for the overwhelming majority of alcohol related auto fatalities. In fact, of the 10,839 people killed in alcohol related car accidents last year, 7,607 fatalities were caused by hardcore drunk drivers.

The NTSB has outlined suggestions for States to adopt in an effort to curb drunk driving. Massachusetts, along with a few other States, has adopted only a few of these suggested plans. Among the NTSB suggestions to curb drunk driving are:

  • Frequent and statewide sobriety checkpoints;
  • Impose tougher penalties for drunk drivers with a BAC over .15;
  • License revocation;
  • Prohibit diversion programs (i.e., force judges to impose the most severe penalties);
  • Require prior DWI convicts to maintain a zero BAC;
  • Install ignition interlock devices.

It is not uncommon for our States to be on the wrong end of NTSB opinion. Just a few years ago, the NTSB also came out and criticized Rhode Island for not doing enough against drunk driving. It is a serious problem in every State that causes far too much injury.

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