Jury Finds Providence Police Officer Guilty of First Degree Sexual Assault

The Providence Journal is reporting that the jury charged with deciding the fate of patrolman, Marcus Huffman, has today returned a guilty verdict in a case many of us have been following in the news. Officer Huffman was standing trial for the alleged rape of a 19 year old woman, that was committed on May 17, 2007 while he was on-duty.

The victim reported that she was offered a ride home from Huffman after she was turned away from a night club for being too intoxicated. Huffman took the victim to an empty police substation where she was raped in the bathroom. The victim, in and out of consciousness, awoke to find her clothes undone. She managed to walk to a nearby Aunt’s house.

She admitted that she was so drunk that she did not remember details of the event. This, of course, made the job much more difficult for the prosecution. She was adamant, however, that she never gave Officer Huffman any indication that she was interested in him sexually. In fact, the victim identifies herself as a lesbian.

Huffman’s attorney attempted to poke holes in the victim’s story and highlight her inconsistencies. The jury, however, found the victim credible and today returned a guilty verdict. The defendant plans to appeal.