Further Charges Possible For Driver who Fled Scene of Fatal Accident

The news has been covering the story of Kevin Killoran who is now being charged with leaving the scene of an accident, death resulting; driving on a suspended license; and, driving to endanger following the tragic death of his passenger and employee, David Clinton.

The family of the victim is quite rightfully enraged that the victim was left in a car to die while the driver fled the scene and alluded police. Speculation is rife with reasons why Killoran fled the scene, but regardless of his reasoning he may face additional and much more serious charges. If medical examination shows that David Clinton could have survived his injuries if he received prompt medical attention, the State could increase the charges against Killoran (the facts of the case once fully uncovered might also give the State cause to levy additional charges). Charges including, but not limited to involuntary manslaughter could reasonably be brought forth.

Of course, the family of the victim will be able to pursue Killoran in a civil Court as well and proceed against any and all assets including his insurance policies and the Z bar & Grille which Killoran owns. A tragic and sad story that most certainly was avoidable. I wish the family the best.