Minivan Mom Tasered?

I first saw this post on Attorney Eric Turkewitz blog and I could not believe the video.  The video depicts Audra Harmon who was initially pulled over for allegedly talking on her cell phone.  Apparently when she was able to demonstrate to Officer Sean Andrews that she was not in fact talking on the phone, he decided to cite her for driving five miles over the speed limit.  Why bother admitting he was wrong?  Ms. Harmon disagreed and asked to see the tape from the radar gun indicating her speed. 

Ms. Harmon made the mistake of getting out of her vehicle to see the radar gun.  Upon realizing her error, she quickly returned to her vehicle… but that was not the end of it.  She was dragged back out of her car in front of her kids and while standing in a completely non-threatening posture, was struck twice by the officers taser.

I understand cops have a dangerous job, and I understand that this is an outlying exception caught on video.  The point, however, is that abuse of power occurs.  Racial profiling occurs.  It is not acceptable.  Thanks to this video Ms. Harmon will likely be compensated by the city, and with any luck Officer Andrews will be re-assigned, but there are many defendants who do not have a tape to corroborate their sometimes unbelievable tales of police abuse of power.

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2 responses to “Minivan Mom Tasered?”

  1. Craig Hutto says:

    Thats the issue at hand all over America,These individuals become cops,to have that “power” given to them,And to turn around and act as if there above the law.I think the motto “to protect and serve” Was thrown out the window in Americas eyes,When the world witnessed the riots in L.A and the senseless beatings that occured,Yes there are good police officers out there but,Theres a pattern of corruption trailing behind many!

  2. jlamy says:

    This incident and LA are extreme examples of police authority gone too far. While it is important to be aware that such abuse of power does occur, the majority of police are looking to support public safety.