5th Wrong Site Surgery at Lifespan Hospital in 2 Years

A surgeon at Hasbro Children’s Hospital began operating on the wrong part of a patients mouth before realizing the error and performing the required surgery on the appropriate area of the mouth.  It is unclear what injuries the child may have suffered as a result of the mistake, but at the very least I am sure he will endure additional scarring and pain.

One would think that such mistakes are impossible, after all this is as obvious as medical malpractice gets, yet this is the fifth time that a surgeon at a Lifespan hospital has operated on the wrong part of the body in just the last two years.   Following the investigation, the surgeon and surgical team has been placed on administrative leave.

UPDATE: On October 23, the Rhode Island Department of Health is reporting another incident of wrong site surgery at Rhode Island Hospital.  Appears that it has happened again.


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  1. doctorblue says:

    Joseph,I became disabled under the privately run, for-profit managed care system because the many many doctors I saw in the last decade did not read or analyze my test results. Each assumed either the primary care doctor or another specialist was quarterbacking my care. I was passed around, referred for repeat tests and no one was managing or seeing to it that I actually got medical care. When I complained in writing, the doctors and insurance company ignored and dismissed my complaints. I was unable to get anyone to listen to me.So I gathered my medical records, studied everything medical and self-diagnosed. What I found was that I have what are typically illnesses diagnosed in childhood. But I was never properly diagnosed. I’ve been sick that long but my immune system was strong enough to get me by..until I turned 50. My symptoms of not being able to have a bowel movement without laxatives or an enema throughout my lifetime from when I was a baby was caused by Hirschsprung’s disease (a lack of the nerves needed for adequate gastrointestinal motility) and a partial obstruction in the ileocecal area (possible appendicitis) that showed up on two CT-scans and the SBFT series of x-rays. Doctors didn’t know what to make of the abnormalties because they weren’t surgeons, so to save face or out of pride, they ignored findings rather than refer me to a surgeon who can read and understand what was on the radiographs.The two CT-scans found that my entire colon was stool-filled. All this waste was being recirculated throughout my system, causing bacterial, viral and fungal infection, wrecking havoc with my immune system, causing adrenal overload, hormone imbalance…on and on. I have multiple lab tests positive for everything from H.pylori, clostridia, staph, candida albicans, Epstein Barr virus, HHV6 infection…on and on. All this waste in my circulation caused peripheral vascular disease, arteriosclerosis making it difficult for me to breath, absorb nutrients and get oxygen to the tissues so I could function properly. All of my organs stopped functioning properly.Doctors groaned when I brought them the inch-thick stack of current test results in the hopes that each would not insist on re-ordering his own tests as so many of them did. They told me that they did not have time to read my test result reports. I was too complicated a case for their specialty so they had to refer me on to another doctor, but never to the gastrointestinal surgeon I needed to see who could address the route cause of my illness.Doctors who could not answer my questions about what the clearly visible ileocecal mass was that the radiologist pointed out in the CT scan report, simply wrote that they saw no gastrointestinal problems rather than risk losing face due to incompetence or lack of knowledge. No one wanted to deal with me, so they didn’t.So when my money ran out, and the insurance ran out, I applied for Social Security disability using these same reports that my many doctors ignored. With these same test results and independent evaluation, Social Security employed physicians found in record time (3 months because we waited 45 days for any of my doctors to respond to SSA’s request for input) that I was severely impaired in so many ways. The most blatant result of not being treated for the infections running rampant through my body was the severe degeneration of my spine. I had no problem getting Social Security Disability and not one private doctor nor any attorney helped me.In fact, I have contacted a dozen medical malpractice attorneys but none will take my case because I cannot pay them. Despite advertising to the contrary, all the attorneys I contacted really only want simple accident cases — not cases involving so many doctors, labs, hospitals, insurance companies, etc.To me, law is really only a big poker game. Each side keeps upping the ante (cost) with pretrial motions that have nothing to do with me or justice, but with court procedure and rule making. It’s a big, costly game. No attorneys are handling cases like mine pro bono (too costly) or on contingency even when I offered to up their fee to half the award rather than the standard third. For them to take the case, I needed to put up an initial deposit of $20,000, which I don’t have. If you know of an attorney who might be willing to help me, please let me know. My blog http://doctorblue.wordpress.com is a chronological portrayal of my experiences with doctors in recent years. From my experience, the practice of medicine is as seedy as any other business that holds profits more important than delivering a service or product. This mindset gave us the subprime mortgage crisis, Enron, big tobacco, etc. The greedy practitioners conspire to squash those who speak out against such practices. So no one does. And too many people end up disabled unnecessarily like me.I know what is wrong with me, and I know what it will take to get me well. Simple laparoscopic surgery, some penicillin, and other antibiotics, IVs to flush my system of pathogens, and nutrients to rebuild. The rest is up to God.Recent studies found that spine and brain degeneration injuries previously thought to be permanent have now been found to be curable. The body does heal itself with a little help.To me, it is unbelievable that no medical professional will help me or even review my patient records to verify what I am saying. I watch doctors quickly flip through the test results, even new results from tests they themselves recently ordered, and ignore such findings as coccobaccili and heavy growth of e coli indicating enterocolitis… The pages turn so quickly it’s impossible for even the best of speed readers to grasp what is written on the pages.Is this a nightmare or what? When doctors keep referring a patient, the patient gets a rap of being a hypochondriac that no one takes seriously. Most people side with the doctors because they assume someone who went to med school and paid all that money for a degree surely must know more than a silly patient who looks like a child.If I was paranoid (which I am not) I would think this is a conspiracy against me, but I’ve seen too many other people in the same boat. We’re all ignored. They just didn’t make the effort to assemble and scrutinize their patient records and study enough to figure out what all the test results mean. There is a cause for most disease that is curable if addressed before it metastasizes into cancer.What I really want to see is enough good hearted, competent doctors get together, acknowledge the repercussions from the system’s limitations, and come up with ways to change for the better. I’m certain that if a group of doctors presented a plan purporting a better way to provide health care — one that prevents people like me from slipping through the cracks — to a venture capitalist, those doctors could raise the money they needed to put their idea into action. This could be a prototype that could be expanded if it succeeds.

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